Meditation Room

You don't have to be a Buddhist to be here. Everyone is welcome.

This room is designed for my Soldiers who want to relax their mind by using a simple meditation object to concentrate on. You can use any surrounding objects as your meditation object such as the sound of the music, the sound of the bell, and the sound of the rainfall etc. This meditation training is not designed for a religious practice, but it is designed for a secular meditation practice for my Soldiers to maintain their spiritual / mental fitness. I am working on this Mindfulness training for Soldiers who are in suffering with grief, anxiety, anger, and whatever cases may be. I would like you to sit down or lie down and meditate on the reality in your life. Mindfulness (Sati) will help you to find your ways to understand the reality of life and move on. The chanting in your faith tradition or calm and soft music are the great meditation objects as well. I introduce some of the Buddhist chanting in different traditions as the meditation object. You might not know the meaning of the chanting in many different languages, but use them as the meditation objects to concentrate on. The point is a relaxation to reduce your anxiety. When you have a calm mind, you will find a relaxation. (This page is under construction)

For Soldier who is confused and anxious, click here. 

For Soldier who is grieving click here.  

For my wouned Soldiers or Soldiers who are recoverying from illness, click here