Celebrating the 245th Birthday of the Chaplain Corps on 29 July

Chaplain Corps Team -


Our Chaplain Corps has been “Caring for the Soul of the Army” ever since 1775, even before our Nation's Declaration of Independence. This year we celebrate our Corps’ 245th birthday, in the same month we celebrated the Centennial of the establishment of the Office of the Chief of Chaplains. Watch for commemorative events and other posts throughout the day tomorrow, on the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Facebook page, @ArmyChaplainCorps.


Our Corps has changed over time, even as we have sustained the same purpose assigned to us at the insistence of General George Washington. General Washington wanted Chaplains in the ranks, to provide religious support to America’s Soldiers every day they serve, during routine training, as well as in their most extreme times of need.


Today, our Chaplains, Religious Affairs Specialists, Directors of Religious Education, and other Chaplain Corps Civilians continue to care for the soul of the Army, in the midst of a global pandemic, and while our Army Senior Leaders are challenging all of us in the Army to embrace the strength that lies in the diversity of all our people.


Our Army’s philosophy is People First, and our Chaplain Corps priorities are People and Community. Thank you for your persistence and your creativity in these challenging times, as you Invest in PEOPLE, Connect them in Spirit, and Cultivate COMMUNITY!


For God and Country - Live the Call!


P.S. More information about Friday’s premiere of our “Growing Through Adversity” documentary for strengthening Army marriages is available at the following link: https://www.army.mil/article/237415/




Chaplain (Major General) Thomas L. Solhjem

Chief of Chaplains


"Caring for the SOUL of the Army"

Invest in PEOPLE, Connect them in Spirit, and Cultivate COMMUNITY!