Pastoral Counseling with Dignity and Respect

Pastoral Counseling with Dignity and Respect


To provide guidance to all US Army Chaplains who;

Provide pastoral counseling to soldiers who admit to homosexuality and… 

How to deal with a soldier’s claim that he/she is being harassed/threatened due to a perception of homosexuality.


For the Soldier Admitting Homosexuality



Treat the soldier with respect:



Call the soldier names.


Threaten the soldier.


Divulge content of conversations with soldier.


(Remember, homosexuality is not a crime)

If the soldier desires to admit homosexual orientation the chaplain


should: Accompany the soldier to the command (don’t just send the soldier).


Let the soldier do his\her own talking.

Inform the soldier that admission of homosexuality will likely result in separation


For the soldier claiming harassment/threats for perceived homosexuality.



Treat the soldier with dignity and respect.

Listen to the soldier.

Determine most critical support needed.

Research options.

Discuss self referral.



Ask the soldier if they are homosexual.

Provide definitive legal advise.

Maintain confidentiality if the soldier:

Is not seeking separation.

Does not intend or wish to admit to homosexual orientation to the command.




Chaplains are pastors, charged with communicating grace, hope, and compassion. No matter the soldier’s sexual orientation they are deserving the best the chaplain has to offer. The chaplain has the challenge, and best opportunity, to help the soldier discover and experience a fulfilling personal faith and relationship with God.

This is our calling.