D-Day Speech

Thank you!  Happy Birthday Army Reserve! 


It is incredible to think that 106 years ago, 160 medical personnel became the trailblazers for the Army Reserve.  Today we celebrate the generations of Soldiers who volunteered to serve in the United States Army Reserve.  For 106 years now, men and women have embraced our nation’s call to duty in peace and at war. 


Army Reserve Soldiers have been the strength of our Army and this great nation at home and abroad.  Little did they know the impact they would have for more than a century of conflicts, defense to our Nation and Defense Support to Civil Authorities. 


Men and women, from all walks of life have found a family among our ranks.  Soldiers like Sergeant First Class Jason Manella, the 2013 NCO of the Year who used the preparation for the Best Warrior competition as a tool to combat Traumatic Brain Injury. 


The Army Reserve, like the rest of our military is an institution that was built on trust and confidence.  Trust in the American people, trust in our leaders and trust that our battle buddy will have our back when we need them most.  We see this trust every day but what we may not be aware of is the trust the American people have in our military - in our Army Reserve Soldiers.


And how could they not?  I know that may sound vain, but when we have Soldiers in our ranks like Sergeant First Class Jeremiah Christy, it’s easy to see why the American people have put their confidence in us.  Christy is a combat medic, and an Army Reserve Soldier who was the first to arrive upon the scene of an overturned 18-wheeled tractor-trailer carrying flammable material.  SFC Christy took control of the situation and talked the driver through freeing himself and climbing through the door of his truck. 


But Christy was not alone in his mission.  Soon a second Army Reserve Soldier arrived on the scene.  Captain Amanda McDonald, a Chemical officer and nurse by trade assisted in escorting the driver away from the truck and the fumes and began to evaluate his condition. 


But we’re not done there – Army Reserve Master Sergeant Bobby Dean, an engineer arrived on the scene and immediately began diverting traffic away from the accident. 




These Soldiers didn’t stop to worry about getting their hands dirty or worry about getting injured.  They saw a citizen in need and jumped into action.  And when asked about the situation, Christy replied with, “I was just doing my job as a Soldier.”  Think about it - just doing his job as a Soldier.  These are the types of actions that leave no doubt that Army Reserve Soldiers are experts and professionals.


Not one, but three Army Reserve Soldiers showing the American people exactly why they can believe in us to stand by their side – to be there when they need us.  And the most amazing and fantastic thing is, it is not only three - it is more than 195,000 Army Reserve Soldiers who have the trust of the American people.  Who live by the Army values as Soldiers and members of your communities - with your families by your side. 


This is HUGE! 


Our belief in duty, honor, country, has guided us for 106 years now, and will continue to guide us into the future.  The values we hold dear as Army Reserve Soldiers will continue to be the foundation for future generations. 


The military may only comprise 1% of the population, but we are a part of the military that is connected to the American people, because we are the American people.  We are your neighbors your doctors and the community leaders, your children’s teachers, first responders and your police officers. 


For more than a century the American people have looked to us to fill the gap – to ensure the Army meets its mission.  They have looked to us, not just to fight the wars, but to preserve the peace.  And I am confident that they will be able to look to us for another 106 years. 


Thank you for everything you do – both in and out of uniform.  Thank you for what you have done and will continue to do for our country. 


Happy Birthday to all of the great men and women who have served and continue to serve the Army Reserve! 

Twice the Citizen!  Army Strong!