Welcoming Home


O Eternal God, we invoke Your blessings on this ceremony, those who are participants, and those who are gathered here to witness the passing of the colore. As COL John comes to the end of his tenure as commander, we look back and are thankful for his concern for his troops, for his example as a leader and for his loyalty to his superiors, his peers and his subordinates. Lord, it has been a privilege working with him. Thank You for allowing him to come our way. 

We ask You to grant our incoming Commander, COL Tomy, the gifts of wisdom, courage, and strength. May his time of command in our Brigade be one of blessing for him and for all the soldiers of the 11th Military Police Brigade.

May he always strive to assist every member of this unit to grow and develop so that each can be the person that You intended that one to be. 


May we please have a moment of silence to honor those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

Thank you


May the Spirit of God be near you to defend you. within you to refresh you, around you to preserve you, before you to guide you, behind you to justify you, and above you to bless you, for evermore. Amen.