Army Fitness ACFT

The New ACFT By October 2020, the ACFT will become fully implemented and will replace the APFT. The events are the following list: 

1. Leg Tuck - This is also known at the hanging knee up. Hang from a pullup bar using an alternating grip and bring your knees up to touch your elbows. No time limit -- just push yourself until you fail. You get max points if you can do 25. Minimum passing is 3.

2. Standing Power Throw -- This is a backward toss with a 10 lbs. medicine ball measured by how far your throw it behind you. The toss is measured in centimeters. Minimum standard is 450 cm (14.5 ft) and maxing the points requires a 1400cm throw (45.9 ft). 

3. Trap Bar Deadlift -- Lift as much weight off the ground as you can three times using the trap bar vs. a straight bar dead lift. Minimum lift is 170 lbs. and max points requires a 400 lbs dead lift three times.

4. Hand Release Push-Up -- This is a completely different style of pushup. In fact, it is also called a 4-count pushup but the counts go like this: 1) up pushup, 2) down pushup, 3) extend arms to your side to form a T with the body, 4) bring arms back to down position of the pushup. Repeat for two minutes. 

5. Shuttle Sprint-Drag-Carry -- This is essentially a shuttle run drill testing speed, agility, aerobic capacity while carrying a load a variety of ways: From the prone position -- get up and sprint 25m and back to start with no weight. Pull 90lbs. sled 25m and back. Lateral Run Sprint 25m and back with no weight. Grab two 45lbs. kettlebells and runs 25m and back. Forward Run Sprint 25m and back with no weight. Total distance of 250m shuttlerun is timed with a minimum standard of 2:40 and to receive maximum points you must get 1:3. 

6. 2-Mile Run -- The two mile run is the same however the standards are the following: Minimum standards 19:30 and to max the points you need to run 11:30.