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AAA - Alternate Assembly Area

AANT - Additional Assembly for Nuclear Training

AAR – After Action Review

AART - Administrative Adjustment Report

AASF - Army Aviation Support Facility

AAUTA - Additional Airborne Unit Training Assembly

AB - Affiliation Bonus: Bonus paid to obligated soldier leaving active duty to join a USAR unit.

Accountability - Obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping an accurate record of property or funds. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property or funds.

Accountable Officer - Individual required to maintain accountable records, property or funds.  The accountable officer may or may not have physical possession of property or funds.

Activity - A unit, organization or installation performing a specific mission.

ADARS - Army Reserve Drill Attendance Reporting System

ADSW - Active Duty for Special Work

ADT - Active Duty for Training

AF – Appropriated Fund

AFA - Army Flight Activity

AFTM - Additive Full Time Manning

AFTP - Additional Flight Training Period

AG - Adjutant General (also known as TAG - The Adjutant General)

AGR - Active Guard/Reserve: Reserve soldiers on extended active duty to recruit, administer, train, instruct and supply the USAR.

AIT – Advanced Individual Training

AMC -U.S. Army Materiel Command: Directs the development, test and evaluation, procurement, distribution, maintenance, and disposal of nearly all Army equipment.

AMDF - Army Master Data File

AMOPES - Army Mobilization and Operations Planning Execution System

AMSA - Area Maintenance Support Activity

AMSF - Area Maintenance and Supply Facility

ANCOC – Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course

ANG - Air National Guard

APART - Annual Proficiency and Readiness Test

APFT – Army Physical Fitness Test

Appointing Authority - The appointing authority is an officer authorized to appoint a survey officer to make detailed investigation of the circumstances connected with reports of survey.

Approving Authority - The Special Courts Martial Convening authority is the approving authority for reports of survey and takes final action "by authority of the Secretary of the Army".

ARAD-MD – Army Reserve Active Duty Management Directorate.

ARC - Accounting Requirement Code

ARCOM - Army Reserve Command is a headquarters commanded by a Major General, established to command a grouping of attached non-divisional units of the USAR.  7th ARCOM in Germany is an example.  The RRCs and RSGs replaced ARCOMs within CONUS.

Army Stock Fund - A means for consolidated management, financing, control and accounting for the procurement and inventories of those items of materials, supplies and equipment, the cost of which are chargeable, when issued to a number of concerning activities.

ARNG - Army National Guard

HRC-Alexandria - Army Reserve Personnel Command: Responsible for managing RC personnel.

ARRTC - Army Reserve Readiness Training Center: Provides USAR specific peacetime training to USAR support personnel.

ART - Army Reserve Technician: Full Time Support civilian personnel required to maintain membership in the USAR.

ASF - Aviation Support Facility

AT - Annual Training

ATA - Additional Training Assembly

ATPU - Aviation Troop Program Unit

ATRRS - Army Training Requirements and Resources System

Attrition - A factor, reflecting degree of losses of personnel or consumable supplies due to various causes within a specified time.

AUEL - Automated Unit Equipment List

Authentication - Evidence by proper signature or seal that a document is genuine and official.

Authorized Allowance of Supplies/Equipment - Quantity of supplies authorized in accordance with tables of allowances, tables of organization and equipment, common tables of allowances or other appropriate authority.

Basic Issue List Items - Accessories, attachments, component and assemblies which constitute the major end item of equipment and the first echelon maintenance accessories, tools, supplies and spare parts accompanying the equipment; all of which constitute the complete major end item for issue to users.

Basis of Issue - Authority, which prescribes the number of items issued to an individual, unit, military activity or for an item of equipment.  The basis of issue is normally contained in a CTA, TOE or other similar authorization.

Battalion - Unit composed of a headquarters and two or more supported companies or batteries.  It may be part of a regiment and be charged with only tactical functions, or it may be a separate unit charged with both administrative and tactical functions.

BMG – Budget and Manpower Guidance

BNCOC – Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course

BSRF – Building Strong and Ready Families.

Bulk Supply - Any kind of military supplies that are issued in large quantities.  Bulk supplies are measured in terms of weight or volume, rather than in numbers or units.

BUR - Bottom Up Review

CAPSTONE - Term Discontinued, new term is WAR TRACE.

CAR - Chief, Army Reserve: Advises the Chief of Staff, Army (CSA) and Secretary of the Army (SecArmy) on all matters pertaining to Army Reserve affairs. He/she is responsible for preparing the Army Reserve for mobilization.

CARS - CLRP Automated Reports System

CAS3 – Combined Arms and Services Staff School

CASP - Civilian Acquired Skills Program

CBE – Command Budget Estimate

CCH – Chief of Chaplains

CD – Chaplain Detachment

CGSC – Command and General Staff College

Chain of Command - Succession of commanding officers from a superior to a subordinate, through which command is exercised, also called command channels.

CHAMPUS - Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services: Provides health insurance for dependents of active and retired military.

CHOAC – Chaplain Officer Advance Course

CHOBC – Chaplain Officer Basic Course

CLRP - Command Logistics Review Program

CMIF – Career Management Individual File

CMRP – Command Master Religious Program

CNGB - Chief, National Guard Bureau: Performs the same functions for the National Guard that the CAR provides for the USAR.  Also advises the Secretary of the Air Force.

COB - Command Operating Budget

Common Table of Allowances (CTA) - one which prescribed authorizations of equipment for several units of the same type located in different areas of command.

COMPASS - Computerized Movement Planning and Status System

Consignee - Officer or activity to which a shipment is addressed.  This is not necessarily the person to whom the property is invoiced or for whose use the property is intended.

Consignor - Officer or activity that is making the shipment and accomplished the necessary documentation at point of origin of shipment.

Control Period - A period of time, normally expressed in days, that is used in supply operations as a base period for the accumulation of demand history required for determining stockage and computing the requisitioning objective.

CONUSA - Continental United States Army: Refers to First Army and Fifth Army.

COTTAD – Contingency Temporary Tour of Active Duty

CPR - Civilian Personnel Regulation

CREST – Chaplaincy Regional Sustainment Training

CRP - Chief of Reserve Pay

CSA – Chaplain Support Activities

CSDP - Command Supply Discipline Program

CTA – Common Table of Allowances (see above)

CTF - Consolidated Training Facility

CXO - Command Executive Officer. The senior civilian within a General Officer command

DAC - Department of the Army Civilian

DARNG - Director, Army National Guard

Day of Supply - A factor used as standard measurement in estimating the average daily supply expenditure. Expressed as a factor of "pounds per day per man,' ammunition "rounds per weapon per day", or units per day.

DCP - Director of Civilian Personnel

DCS – Deployment Cycle Support

DDARNG - Deputy Director, Army National Guard

Deadline Equipment - Equipment removed from operations for necessary repairs which if not immediately accomplished would make equipment unsafe or create further damage to it. It does not include equipment scheduled for routine preventive maintenance or inspection.

DEF MAINT - Deferred Maintenance

DELMAR - Data Element Management Accounting Report Demand - A valid requirement for materiel placed on the supply system by an authorized customer.

DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service

DIMA - Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee

Direct Support Unit - A unit that has the mission of supporting another unit of the command by direct contact and provides priority effort to the supported unit.

DIV (IT) – Division (Institutional Training)

DJMS RC - Defense Joint Military Pay System, Reserve Components: Current system used to pay drilling Reservists.

DODAAC - Department of Defense Activity Address Code

DODAC - Department of Defense Ammunition Code

DOS - Days of Supply

DRC - Direct Reporting Command

DRCS - Directorate of Reserve Component Support: Office on Active Army installation responsible for support of and liaison with USAR and ARNG units.

DRE – Director of Religious Education

DRF - Drill Reporting Form

DRM – Director of Resource Management

DS – Direct Support

DTA - Directed Training Association

Due In - Quantity placed on requisition to supporting supply agency, but not yet received.

Due Out - Stock requisitioned but not available for issue at time the request was received by supporting supply agency. Will be shipped automatically by supply agency when it is available.

EAC – Echelons above Corps

EAD – Echelons above Division

E-Date - Date of Status Change of Unit

Echelon of Supply - Separate levels of the supply chain from producer to consumer. In descending order; Inventory Control Point, Depot, Stations, Organization and Unit.

ECS - Equipment Concentration Site

ED - Effective Date Unit Enters Federal Active Duty

Editing - Examinations of supply documents for correctness of format, authority, signatures, stock numbers, nomenclature, quantities requested and stock availability.

EERS – Essential Elements of Religious Services

End Item - A final combination of end products, component parts and assemblies, which is ready for its intended use.

Enhanced Brigades - Principle RC ground combat maneuver force. Enhanced refers to increased resource and manning priorities.

ESC – Executive Steering Committee

ESGR – Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

ESR - Equipment Status Report

ET - Equivalent Training

Excess Stock - That portion of the total quantity of an item in hand, which exceeds the retention limit for the stock.

Expendable Supplies - Articles, which are consumed in use such as fuel, ammunition, paint, food, etc., or articles which lose their identity when incorporated into a larger assembly, such as repair parts when used in maintenance of equipment.

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Field Maintenance - Maintenance performed by designated activities in direct support of using organization.  Normally limited to replacement of component parts, assemblies and subassemblies, but not authorized complete rebuild functions.

Financial Inventory Accounting (FIA) - Accounting procedures whereby supply transactions are accounted for in ledgers and journals by monetary value as well as on stock record cards by quantity.

Fiscal Year (FY) With respect to government matters, the period beginning 1 Oct and ending 30 Sep of each successive calendar year.  The fiscal year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends.

FOF - Follow On Force

Formal Accountability - The obligation to maintain stock records to reflect quantities of stock received, issued and on hand.

FORMDEPS - FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System (FORSCOM Reg 3OO-3-x)

FORSCOM - U.S. Army Forces Command: Is responsible for the operations and readiness of Active Army and Army Reserve units within the Continental United States.

FSP - Force Support Package

FTM - Full Time Manning

FTNGD - Full Time National Guard Duty

FTS - Full Time Support

FTUS - Full Time Unit Support

GFRE - Ground Force Readiness Enhancement...concept of RC collective training under CONUSA

GOCOM - General Officer Command: A troop program unit other than an RRC.  A GOCOM is commanded by a general officer, is authorized by an MTOE, and usually reports to an RRC.  It can be separate from an RRC and report directly to a MACOM.

GS – General Support

GSU – Garrison Support Unit

Hand Receipt - A signed document-acknowledging acceptance of responsibility for property issued.  A hand receipt will only transfer responsibility, but accountability remains with the issuing individual.

Home Station - Reserve Component soldier’s location to report to upon mobilization.

HSC - U.S. Army Health Services Command: Manages health care delivery and supportive services for the Army within the United States.  HSC supervises all medical training for the Army.

IADT - Initial Active Duty for Training: Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training for non-prior service enlisted personnel.

IAFT - Individual Aircrew Flight Training

ICE – Increased Combat Effectiveness; Integrated Command Environment

IDT - Inactive Duty Training

IET - Initial Entry Training

IMA - Individual Mobilization Augmentee: Non-drilling Reserve member preassigned to a mobilization position.  Member does two-week AT.

IMFL - Intensive Management Force List

ING - Inactive National Guard

Initial issue - Issue of supplies not previously issued to the requisitioner, same as Initial Demand

Initial Requirement (allowances) - All supplies and equipment needed by an organization or individual when they are put on active duty. Prescribed by supply manuals or tables.

INSCOM - U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command: Has worldwide responsibility for intelligence collection and production, counterintelligence and security. 

Installation Property Book - A record maintained to account for non- expendable and reportable property on hand.

Installation Property - Equipment and supplies, except organization property, authorized in published authorization media for use by units, organizations and personnel while stationed at an installation.

Installation - A grouping of facilities, located in the same vicinity, which support particular functions.

Interchangeability - Items which are identified by different stock numbers but are identical or similar in design and can be interchanged in use without affecting operations or efficiency.

Inventory Adjustment Report (IAR) - A document, normally DA form 444, which is prepared to indicate overages or shortages in recorded balances because of a physical inventory.  At organization level it is used to adjust minor discrepancies.

Inventory Control Point - An organizational unit or activity responsible for materiel management.

Inventory - The physical count of items on hand for verification with the recorded balances.

IRR- Individual Ready Reserve: Pool of trained personnel available for mobilization.

ISN - Input Station Number: Computer data field that identifies a particular finance input station.

ISR - In Service Recruiter

ITC -Instructor Training Course

LBAD - Lexington Blue Grass Army Depot

Line Item - A broad term used in supply to indicate the individual items listed on a requisition or accounting record and refers to a separate stock numbered item.  A supply activity stocking five thousand different items of supply would be referred to as stocking five thousand line items.

Line Item Number - A six digit alphanumeric identification of a generic nomenclature and of the line on which the generic nomenclature is listed in SB 700-20 and DA approved Army equipment authorization documents used

To treat collectively all national stock numbered items possessing the functional capabilities expressed by the generic nomenclature.

Logistics - The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces.  In the most comprehensive sense, those aspects of military operations which deal with acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation and disposition of materiel, among others.

Lot (Lot Number) - Quantity of supplies of the same general classification received at the same time, and normally from the same production run by the manufacturer.  Lot number is the number assigned by manufacturer to identify all items of a specific production run.

M Date - Mobilization Date

M Day - Mobilization Day

MAC - Maintenance Allocation Chart

MACOM - Major Army Command: Missions of the Army are carried out through the major Army field commands. Examples are Forces Command and Training and Doctrine Command.

Maintenance Float - End items or components of equipment authorized for stockage at installations or activities for replacement of unserviceable items of equipment when immediate repair of the unserviceable equipment cannot be accomplished by the field maintenance activity.

MAlT - Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team

Major Item - Broad term synonymous with end item, which implies an item of mechanical nature in its complete form, such as a tractor, weapon or radio. Normally, a controlled item.

MAT - Mobilization Assistance Team

MATES - Mobilization and Training Equipment Sites

MDW - Military District of Washington: Commands Army units, activities and installations in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

METL – Mission Essential Task List

Mission - In common usage, especially when applied to lower military units, a duty assigned to an individual or unit. A task.

MOBERS - Mobilization Equipment Redistribution System

MOBPERS - Mobilization Personnel Processing System

MOBSCOPE - Mobilization Shipments Configured for operations, Planning and Execution

MP - Mobilization Plan

MPRJ – Military Personnel Record Jacket

MRD     - Mandatory Removal Date

MS - Mobilization Station

MSC - Major U.S. Army Reserve Subordinate Command (No longer used. instead use USARC MSC when referring to RRC and DRC)

MSCA - Military Support to Civilian Authorities

MTBSP - Mobilization Troop Basis Stationing Plan

MTMC - Military Traffic Management Command: Acts as the Army's single manager for all Department of Defense military traffic management, land transportation and common user ocean terminals within CONUS. MTMC also manages worldwide movement and storage of household goods for DOD.

MUTA - Multiple Unit Training Assembly

NAC - National Agency Check: Security check performed by querying computer systems. No reference interviews performed.

NAF – Nonappropriated Fund

National Stock Number - A thirteen digit stock number assigned to an item of supply by Department of Defense as the official identification by which that item will be listed on accountable records and in supply manuals by all agencies of the Department of Defense.

NCESGR - National Committee for Employer Support of Guard and Reserve

NCOER – Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report

NCODP – Noncommissioned Officer Development Program

NGB - National Guard Bureau

NGBM - National Guard Bureau Manual

NGPA - National Guard Personnel, Army

NGPEC - National Guard Professional Education Center

NGR - National Guard Regulation

Non-Stock Item - An item for which a commodity commander has supply responsibility but which is not normally stocked in the depot system.

Nonexpendable - Property that maintains its identity throughout its entire period of usefulness and must be accounted for until properly disposed of by authorized procedures.

Nonrecurring Demand - A demand made on a one-time basis with no repetitive subsequent demand contemplated for the same purpose.  These include initial demands to satisfy initial allowances, special projects, etc.

Obligated Stocks - Certain item of stock established for issue only for specifically designated purpose such as special projects, mobilization reserves, etc.

Obsolete - An item or assemblage that is no longer considered acceptable for U.S. Army use.

OCAR - Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

OCCH -               Office of the Chief of Chaplains

OCRC - Officer Candidate Reserve Component Course

ODT – Overseas Deployment Training

OER – Officer Evaluation (Efficiency) Report

OMAR - Operation and Maintenance, Army Reserve

OMPF – Official Military Personnel File

OPMS USAR - Officer Personnel Management System, U.S. Army Reserve

ORB – Officer Record Brief

Organic - Assigned to and forming an essential part of a military organization.

Organization Property - Property authorized by MTOE, TDA and CTA that would accompany the unit when deployed.

Organization - Any military unit; specifically, a larger command composed of two or more subordinate elements.  In this meaning, a military element of a command is an organization in relation to its components being supported, regardless of the type or size of units or components being supported.

Organizational Repair Parts - Parts, which are authorized to an organization for its own use.

PAA - Primary Assembly Area

PBAC – Program Budget Advisory Committee

PDE – Professional Development Education

Pecuniary Liability - A personal, joint or corporate monetary obligation to make good any lost, damaged or destroyed property resulting from fault or neglect. It may also result under conditions stipulated by bond or contract.

PFR - Personnel Finance Record

PLCM – Personnel Life Cycle Management

PPBS – Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System

POD - Port of Debarkation

POE - Port of Embarkation

PQR – Personnel Qualification Record

PRN - Payroll Number: Computer data field that identifies a specific unit in DJMS RC.

Property Book Accountability - The obligation to maintain records, of certain classes of nonexpendable and expendable reportable property items listed under specified conditions or by instructions from DA.

Property Book - Record book(s) kept in company/battalion listing the quantities and classifications of its equipment. May be automated at a higher level.

Property Disposal - The function of disposing of surplus, unserviceable or salvage government property through sale, distribution, and gift to authorized agencies or other procedures.

Property Disposal Officer is designated individual at installation charged with all procedures related to property disposal actions.

PTSR - Post Mobilization Training and Support Requirements: Form given to the Mob Station identifying training requirements alters mobilization.

RC - Reserve Component

RCAPSS - Reserve Components Automated Pay System Support

RCAS – Reserve Component Automation System

RCCPDS - Reserve Components Common Personnel Data System

RCMPF - Reserve Components Master Pay File

RCPSO - Reserve Component Pay Support Office

RCRPL - Reserve Component Resource Priority List

Rebuild - To restore an item to a condition comparable to new by disassembly and replacement of unserviceable or worn parts.

Recondition - Renovate, repair, overhaul, rebuild or act in order to return an item to a state of serviceability.

Recoverable Item - Article selected based on dollar value, requirements and essentially as worthy of being repaired and used again.

Recurring Demand - A request made periodically or anticipated to be repetitive by an authorized requisitioner for materiel for consumption, use or for stock replenishment.

Repair Pan - Any part, subassembly, assembly or component required for installation in the maintenance or repair of the item.

Report of Survey - An official report used to record the circumstances concerning the loss, unserviceability or destruction of property and serves as, or supports, a voucher for droppage to items from the property records on which they are listed.

Requisition - An authoritative request or demand for supplies, services, or personnel that would not normally be made available without such specific request.

Requisitioning Objective - The maximum quantities of stock established through computations to be on hand and/or on order to sustain current operations and meet foreseeable requirements.

Responsibility - In supply procedures, the obligation of any individual for the proper care, custody and safekeeping of military property entrusted to his care or supervision.

Review Period - In stock accounting, the time interval between successive stock replenishment requisitions. Review of transactions during the designated review period to determine any required adjustment to requisitioning objectives.

RFD - Reserve Forces Duty

RFTA – Reserve Forces Training Area

RG - Readiness Groups: Active Army organization reporting directly to a CONUSA.  Responsible for advising and training USAR and ARNG unit personnel within their region in various functional areas such as administration, training and logistics.

RMA - Readiness Management Assembly

ROA - Reserve Officer Association

ROPMA - Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act

RPA - Reserve Personnel, Army

RRC - Regional Readiness Command

RSG - Regional Readiness Group...subordinate to RRC

RST - Rescheduled Training

RT   - Readiness Training

RTD - Resident Training Detachment

RTS - Regional Training Site

RTT - Regional Training Teams...normally assigned to geographic areas

RTU - Reinforcement Training Unit

RY - Retirement Year

RYE - Retirement Year Ending (date)

SAA - Senior Army Advisor (the senior Active Army officer/advisor within the command)

SAA - Staff Administrative Assistant

SAD - State Active Duty

Salvage - Property that has some value in excess of its basic material content but which is in such condition that it has no reasonable prospect of use for any purpose as a unit.

SBP - Survivor Benefit Plan

SELRES – Selected Reserve

Serviceable property - Property, which is in condition for use.

Sets, Kits, Outfits - the assemblage of various items that comprise a set of equipment designated for a specific use, such as Carpenter Tool Set complete with all saws, hammers, levels, squares, etc.

SLA - Staff Logistics Assistant

SLRP - Student Loan Repayment Program

SMP - Simultaneous Membership Program for ROTC Cadets

SMSO/LNCO - State Military Support Office/Liaison NCO

SOTS - Staff Operations and Training Specialist

SLRP - Selected Reserve Incentive Program

SSA - Supervisory Staff Assistant

SSA - Supply Support Activity

STA - Split Training Assembly

STA - Staff Training Assistant

STARC - State Area Command, Army National Guard

Statement of Charges - A form used by responsible supply officer to charge an enlisted soldier, officer or DAC for the loss, damage or destruction of government property. This form cannot be used when charges against any one individual exceeds one month's base pay. Reimbursement by individual charged is accomplished by payroll deduction.

Station - General term for any military or naval activity at a fixed land location to which an individual, group of individuals, or a unit may be assigned.

Stock Control - Process of maintaining inventory data on the quantity, location and condition of supplies and equipment due in, on hand and due out; to determine quantities of materiel and equipment available and/or required for issue and to facilitate distribution and management of materiel.

Stock Fund - A system of working capital or revolving fund established to finance inventories of supplies and equipment.

Stockage List - An approved list of items authorized by higher authority for stockage at a supply activity, established on the basis of a specific number of demands for each item of stock during a designated period of time.  Normally, criteria for stockage items are three demands during a six-month period.

Storage Capacity - Evaluation of the physical capacity of an activity or area, normally expressed as pounds per square foot.

STRAP - Specialized Training Assistance Program

Subactivity - A subordinate element of an activity; for example, a storage section of a depot, training branch of a school, administrative section of a headquarters or the companies assigned to a battalion.

Supplies - All items necessary for the equipment, maintenance and operation of a command, including food, clothing, equipment, arms, ammunition, fuel, forage, materials and machinery of all kinds.

Supply Control - The process by which an item of supply is controlled within the supply system, including requisitioning, receipt, storage, stock control, shipment, disposition, identification and accounting.

Surveying Officer - Officer authorized to make an inquiry and fix responsibility for damage, loss or destruction of military property when such losses are determined not due to normal fair wear and tear.

TAACOM – Theater Army Area Command

Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) - A table which prescribes the organizational structure, personnel and equipment authorizations and requirements of a military unit to perform a specific mission.

Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) - A table that prescribes the normal mission, organizational structure, and authorized personnel by MOS and rank, and the equipment required for the unit mission.

TAG - The Adjutant General

TAR - Training Administration of Reserves...Navy version of AGR

TDY – Temporary Duty

Tiered Readiness - Overall concept for prioritizing and managing the resourcing of USAR units.  Tier I = FSP 1-4 pkg units; Tier 2= FSP 5-7; Tier 3= USARF schools, RTSs, AMSAs, ECSs, etc; Tier 4= inactivating units.

TMDE - Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment

TPC - Training Pay Category

TPU - Troop Program Unit: A TOE or TDA unit of the USAR with a mobilization mission, usually at the Group, Brigade, Battalion or Company level.

TRADOC - U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command: Headquartered at Ft Monroe, VA, is responsible for determining how the Army will train and fight.  TRADOC also determines how the Army will be organized and equipped.  TRADOC commands the Army's service schools.

TSC – Theater Support Command (see also TAACOM)

TSD – Training Support Division

TTAD - Temporary Tour of Active Duty: Active duty performed by a reserve soldier in support of an Active Army mission.

U - Unexcused Absence

UA - Unit Administrator

UAT - Unit Administrative Technician

UIC - Unit Identification Code

UMO - Unit Movement Officer

UMR - Unit Manning Report

UMT – Unit Ministry Team

UND - Urgency of Need Designator

Unit - Any military element whose structure is prescribed by competent authority such as TOE and is part of a larger organization.

Unserviceable Supplies - All supplies that require repair, reprocessing or modification prior to being included on stock on hand. Quantities that cannot be used because they are obsolete, worn, damaged or otherwise not suited for the purpose intended.

UPA - Unit Pay Administrator: Individual designated in writing exercising primary responsibility for reserve unit pay activities.

URR – Unresourced Requirement

USACE - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Manages Army real property manages and executes engineering, construction and real estate programs for the Army.

USACIDC - U.S. Army Criminal Investigation (Division) Command: Exercises centralized command and control of Army criminal investigative activities worldwide.

USAISC - U.S. Army Information Systems Command: Manages the Army's portion of the worldwide defense communication system.  USAISC also provides engineering, installation, and technical support services for assigned Army communication equipment.

USAR - U.S. Army Reserve

USARC - U.S. Army Reserve Command: Command and control for all USAR personnel (less USASOC).

USAREUR - U.S. Army Europe: Responsible for operation and readiness of Active Army and Army Reserve units assigned to Europe. Exercises command and control over forward elements of USAR CONUS based parent units stationed in Europe, when provided a memorandum of understanding with HQ, FORSCOM.

USARF - U.S. Army Reserve Forces School

USARPAC - U.S. Army Pacific Command: commands all Active Army and Army Reserve units located in the Pacific Theater.

USPFO - U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer.  An NO officer on extended AD.  The senior financial and property officer in each state.

UTA - Unit Training Assembly: Basic scheduled period of IDT in the USAR.

UTES - Unit Training Equipment Site

Voucher - Any document that evidences a supply transaction of any nature, which is authorized, and on which necessary supply action will be taken.

Warehouse Refusal - An advice by a particular warehouse that a specific item required on a shipping directive is not available due to exhaustion of stock or other reason.

WARTRACE - Program that aligns AC and RC units under gaining wartime command (formerly CAPSTONE)

WETS - Weekend Training Site

WG - Wage Grade.  Type of civilian pay scale

YTC - Yearly Training Calendar

YTG - Yearly Training Guidance

YTP - Yearly Training Plan

List of U.S. government and military acronyms

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  • 0K - Zero Killed (pronounced OK, as the expression that everything is all right)
  • 1LT – First Lieutenant (U.S. Army) (USAF uses "1st Lt")
  • 2LT – Second Lieutenant (U.S. Army) (USAF uses "2d Lt")
  • 2IC – Second In Command


  • A – analog
  • A1C – Airman 1st Class (USAF E-3)
  • A2C2 – Army airspace command and control
  • A-3 – (Operations Directorate (COMAFFOR))
  • A-5 – (Plans Directorate (COMAFFOR))
  • AA – Anti-aircraft
  • AA – Armed Forces America
  • AA – assembly area
  • AA – assessment agent
  • AA – avenue of approach
  • AAA - Army Audit Agency
  • AAA – antiaircraft artillery
  • AAA – arrival and assembly area
  • AAA – assign alternate area
  • AAAS – amphibious aviation assault ship
  • AABB – American Association of Blood Banks
  • AABWS – amphibious assault bulk water system
  • AAC – activity address code
  • AAC – Army Air Corps (British)
  • AAC – Australian Army Cadets (Australia)
  • AACG – arrival airfield control group
  • AADC – area air defense commander
  • AADP – area air defense plan
  • AA&E – arms, ammunition, and explosives
  • AAEC – aeromedical evacuation control team
  • AAFC – Australian Air Force Cadets (Australia)
  • AAFES – Army and Air Force Exchange Service
  • AAFIF – automated air facility information file
  • AAFS – amphibious assault fuel system
  • AAFSF – amphibious assault fuel supply facility
  • AAGS – Army air-ground system
  • AAI – air-to-air interface
  • AAM – air-to-air missile
  • AAMDC – US Army Air and Missile Defense Command
  • AAOE – arrival and assembly operations element
  • AAOG – arrival and assembly operations group
  • AAP – Allied administrative publication
  • AAP – assign alternate parent
  • AAR – after action report
  • AAR – after action review
  • AAS – Army Apprentice School (Australia)
  • AAST – aeromedical evacuation administrative support team
  • AAT – automatic analog test
  • AAT – aviation advisory team
  • AAU – analog applique unit
  • AAV – amphibious assault vehicle
  • AAW – antiair warfare
  • AB – airbase
  • AB – Airman Basic (USAF E-1)
  • ABCA – American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies Program
  • ABCS – army battle command system
  • ABD – airbase defense
  • ABV - Assault Breacher Vehicle (U.S. Army)
  • ABFC – advanced base functional component
  • ACF – army cadet force (UK Military)
  • ADF – Australian Defence Force (Australia)
  • ADFA – Australian Defence Force Academy (Australia)
  • ADFC – Australian Defence Force Cadets (Australia)
  • ADOS – active duty, operational support
  • ADSW – active duty, special work
  • AE – Armed Forces Europe
  • AEW&C - Airborne early warning and control
  • AFI – awaiting further instruction/Air Force Instruction (requirement guide)
  • AFMC – armed forces medical college
  • AFOQT – air force officer qualifying test
  • AFOSI – Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • AFSC - Air Force Specialty Code
  • AHA – ammunition holding area
  • AIM – airborne intercept missile (U.S. military)
  • AIPD – Army Institute For Professional Development
  • AIRTC – Air Training Corps (former name for the Australian Air Force Cadets)
  • AIT – advanced individual training (U.S. Army)
  • Amn – airman (USAF E-2)
  • ALCON – All concerned (U.S. military)
  • AMU – aircraft maintenance unit
  • AMXG – aircraft maintenance group
  • AMXS – aircraft maintenance squadron
  • An – Antonov (Russian)
  • ANZAC – Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  • AOL – absent over leave (U.S. Navy)
  • AO – area of operations
  • A&P – administrative and personnel
  • AP – Armed Forces Pacifice
  • AP – armor-piercing
  • APC – armored personnel carrier
  • APFSDS – armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot
  • APO – Army Post Office; See also FPO
  • APPN – appropriation number (U.S. Military)
  • APRT – Army Physical Readiness Test (U.S. Army)
  • ARA – Australian Regular Army (Australia)
  • ARes – Army Reserve (Australia)
  • ARM – anti-radar missile
  • ARM – anti-radiation missile
  • ARMS – automated recruit management system (U.S. military)
  • ARMS – aviation resource management system (USAF)
  • ART – alarm response team (USAF)
  • ARVN – Army of the Republic of (South) Viet Nam (U.S. Military)
  • ASAP – army substance abuse program (U.S. military)
  • ASAP – as soon as possible
  • ASEAN – Association of South East Asian Nations
  • ASM – air-to-surface missile
  • ASCM – anti-ship C missile
  • ASV – anti-surface vessel (airborne radar)
  • ASVAB – armed services vocational aptitude battery
  • ASW – Anti-submarine warfare
  • ATC – air training corps
  • ATC – air traffic control
  • ATO – air tasking order
  • ATO – antiterrorism officer
  • ATRRS – army training requirements and resources system
  • AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System
  • AWOL – absent without leave


  • BAMCIS – Begin planning Arrange Recon Make the plan Complete the plan Issue the order Supervise (US Marine Corps)
  • BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing
  • BAR – Browning Automatic Rifle
  • BAU – Behavioural Analysis Unit
  • BCD - Bad Conduct Discharge (aka Big Chicken Dinner)
  • BCG – Birth Control Glasses (U.S. Military Slang)
  • BCT – Basic Combat Training (U.S. Army)
  • BDF – Barbados Defence Force (Barbados)
  • BDU – Battle Dress Uniform (U.S. Military)
  • Be – Beriev (Russian)
  • BEA – Budget Execution Authority (U.S. Navy)
  • BFT – Blue Force Tracker (U.S. Military)
  • BG – Bodyguard
  • BGHR – By God He's Right (U.S Military)
  • BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front (US Military)
  • BMNT – Begin Morning Nautical Twilightight (U.S Army)
  • BN - Battalion (U.S. Army)
  • BDE - Brigade (U.S. Army)
  • BOHICA – Bend Over Here It Comes Again (US Military Slang)
  • BRAC – Base Realignment And Closure
  • BRAT (American)– Born Raised And Transferred (American usage, refers to dependent children of military personnel) Usually Pronounced "Military Brat" (Or "Air Force BRAT", or Army "Brat", Navy "Brat" etc.).[1]
  • BRAT (British)– British RegimentAttachedTraveler (British military usage, may have been the original usage, which was later adapted to the American military: Means "child that travels with a soldier") Usually pronounced "Military Brat" or "Base Brat".[2][3]
  • BUB – Battle Update Brief
  • BVR – Beyond Visual Range (USAF)
  • BX – Base Exchange (USAF)
  • BZ – spoken "Bravo Zulu", meaning "congratulations, job well done"


  • C1 – Command
  • C2 – Command And Control
  • C3 – Command Control And Communication
  • C4IR – Command Control Communication Computers Intelligence And Recognition
  • CAC – Common Access Card (U.S. DoD, pron. "cac")
  • CAG – Commander, Air Group (U.S. Navy, pron. "cag")
  • CAG – Civil Affairs Group. Term used for military members assigned to assist civilian governments with restoring infrastructure (All U.S. branches, pron. "cag")
  • CAGE – Commercial and Government Entity
  • CAPTCaptain (US Navy, USCG O-6)
  • CaptCaptain (USMC, US Army, USAF O-3)
  • CAS – Close Air Support
  • CASEX – Coordinated Antil-Submarine EXercise
  • CAT – Combat Application Tourniquets
  • CBRN – Chemical Biological Nuclear Radiological
  • CBU – Cluster Bomb Unit
  • CCIR – Commanders Critical Information Requirements
  • CDAT – Computerized Dumb Ass Tanker (M1 Abrams Crewmen)
  • CDIAC – Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
  • CDRUSPACOM Commander United States Pacific Command
  • CENTCOM – Central Command (U.S. Military)
  • CF – Cluster Fuck (always pronounced phonetically "Charlie Foxtrot")
  • CH – Cunt Hair (a unit of measurement)
  • Chief - Chief Warrant Officer
  • CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
  • CIC – Command Intelligence Center (U.S. Navy)
  • CINCLANT – Commander-in-chief, Atlantic Forces (U.S. Navy before 2002)
  • CINCLANTFLT – Commander-in-chief, Atlantic Fleet (U.S. Navy before 2002)
  • CINCPAC – Commander-in-chief, Pacific Forces (U.S. Navy before 2002)
  • CIWS – Close-In Weapon System
  • CMSgt – Chief Master Sergeant (USAF E-9; highest AF enlisted rank)
  • CMSAF – Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (USAF E-9 – Senior Enlisted Member)
  • CO – Commanding Officer
  • COA – Course of Action
  • COB - Chief Of the Boat (Chief Petty Officer in charge of the Boat usually a Master Chief (USN Submariner Terminology))
  • COCOM – Combatant Commander
  • CODELS – Congressional Delegations
  • "' Col. Colonel
  • COMINT – Communications Intelligence
  • COMPACFLT – Commander, Pacific Fleet (U.S. Navy)
  • COMSEC' – Communication Security
  • CONUS – Continental United States (U.S. military, pron. "cone-us")
  • CONUSA – Continental United States Army (numbered Armies of U.S. military)
  • CORDS – (U.S. military, Vietnam era)
  • COP – Combat Out Post
  • CoS – Chief of Staff
  • COT – Commissioned Officer Training
  • CPL – Corporal (U.S. Army and Marine Corps E-4)
  • CPO – Chief Petty Officer (USCG/USN E-7)
  • CPT – Captain (US Army O-3)
  • CPX – Command Post Exercise
  • CQB – Close Quarters Battle
  • CRC – CONUS Replacement Center (a military processing center at Fort Benning, Georgia, US)
  • CSM – Command Sergeant Major (U.S. Army E9 highest Army enlisted rank))
  • CSAR - Combat Search And Rescue
  • CTCounter-terrorism Team
  • CTR – Close Target Reconnaissance
  • CUB – Commander Update Brief
  • CVN – Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (NOTE: the V comes from the expression "heavier than air flying machine")
  • CWO - Chief Warrant Officer
  • CZN – Nuclear-powered Airship Carrier (NOTE: the Z comes from the use of the word Zeppelin although non-Zeppelin airships would also be transported on a CZN)


  • DA – Defence Attaché
  • DAC – Department of the Army Civilian
  • DAGR – Defense Advanced GPS Receiver
  • DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S. Military)
  • DCAA – Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • DCMA – Defense Contract Management Agency
  • DEVGRU - the united states naval special warfare DEVelopment GRoUp
  • DME - Depot Maintenance Enterprise (U.S. Military)
  • DFAC – Dining Facility (U.S. Military)
  • DFAS – Defense Finance and Accounting Service (U.S. Military)
  • D.I.A – Defensive Intelligence Agency
  • DINFAC – Dining Facility (U.S. Military)
  • DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency
  • DLB – Dead Letter Box
  • DMEA - Defense Microelectronics Activity
  • DMS – Defense Message System (U.S. Military)
  • DMZ – Demilitarized Zone
  • DOA - Dead on Arrival
  • DoDAAC – Department of Defense Activity Address Code (U.S. Military)
  • DoDAF – Department of Defense Architectural Framework (U.S. Military)
  • DoDIC – Department of Defense Identification Code (U.S. Military)
  • DOP – Drop-Off Point
  • DPMs – Disruptive Pattern Material
  • DRT – Dead Right There; wounded in such a way as to indicate immediate and/or unavoidable death; often used as a sarcastic form of the civilian acronym DOA (Dead On Arrival)
  • DTO – Daily Tasking Order
  • DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction agency
  • DZ – Drop Zone


  • E&E – Escape and Evade
  • EA - Electronic Attack
  • ECP – Entry Control Point
  • EDCSA - Effective Date of Change of Strength Accountability (obsolete for U. S. Army)
  • EI – Engineering and Installation
  • EIS – Engineering and Installation Squadron, Environmental Impact Statement
  • EI SIT – Engineering and Installation Site Implementaion Team
  • EKIA- Enemy Killed in Action
  • ELINT – Electronic Intelligence
  • EMI - Extra Military Instruction
  • ENS – Ensign (US Navy junior officer rank, O-1)
  • EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • EOS - End of Service
  • EP - Electronic Protection
  • EPW – Enemy Prisoner of War
  • ERV – Emergency Rendezvous
  • ETA – Estimated time of arrival
  • ETS – Estimated Termination of Service
  • EUCOM – European Command (U.S. Military)
  • EW - Electronic Warfare (comprises EA, EP)
  • Exfil – Exfiltration (Opposite of infiltration; exiting undetected)


  • FA – Field Artillery
  • FABS – Fetus Aborted By Squad
  • FAK – First Aid Kit
  • FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • FBCB2 – Force XXI Battlefield Command Brigade and Below
  • FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FEBA – Forward Edge of the Battle Area
  • FIDO – FIre Direction Officer
  • FIST – FIre Support Team
  • FISTer – Member of a FIre Support Team
  • FIST-V – FIre Support Team Vehicle
  • FISINT – Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
  • FISHDO – Fuck It, Shit Happens, Drive On
  • FitRep – Fitness Report
  • FLOT – Forward Line of Troops
  • FLOTUS – First Lady of the United States (U.S. – see POTUS)
  • FM – Field Marshal
  • FMC – Fully Mission Capable
  • FNG – Fucking New Guy
  • FO – Forward Observer
  • FO – Foxtrot Oscar (i.e. F**k Off) (US/UK Forces)
  • FOB – Forward Operating Base
  • FOD – Foreign Object Damage (U.S.)
  • FOD – Foreign Object Debris (U.S.)
  • FPO – Fleet Post Office; See also APO
  • FSA – Force Structure Allowance
  • FSTE – Foreign Service Tour Extension
  • FTUS – Full Time Unit Specialist
  • FUBAR – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
  • FYSA - For Your Situational Awareness


  • G1 – General Staff Level office for Personnel and Manpower (Division and Above)
  • G2 – General Staff Level office for Military Intelligence (Division and Above)
  • G3 – General Staff Level office for Operations and Plans (Division and Above)
  • G4 – General Staff Level office for Logistics (Division and Above)
  • G5 – General Staff Level office for Military/Civil Affairs (Division and Above)
  • G6 – General Staff Level office for Signal and Communication (Division and Above)
  • G7 – General Staff Level office for Training and Exercises (Division and Above)
  • G8 – General Staff Level office for Force Development and Analysis (Division and Above)
  • G9 – General Staff Level office for Civil Operations (Division and Above)
  • GBU – Guided Bomb Unit
  • GEN – General
  • GI – Government Issue
  • GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out
  • GM – Gone Mersault
  • GO – General Officer
  • GOCO – Government owned, contractor operated
  • GPMG – General Purpose Machine Gun
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • GROM – Polish Special Operations Team (Polish Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego)
  • Gulag – The Chief Administration of Collective Labor Camps (Russian Главное Управление Лагерей, "Glavnoye Upravleniye Lagerey")


  • HALO – High Altitude Low Opening (Airborne)
  • HAHO - High Altitude High Opening
  • HAAMS - High Altitude Airdrop Missions
  • HBL - Holiday Block Leave (U.S. Army)
  • HE – High Explosive
  • HEAT – High Explosive Anti-Tank warhead
  • HMAS – Her Majesty's Australian Ship (Australia)
  • HMCS – Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (Canada)
  • HMFIC – Head Motherf*cker In Charge – colloquialism for the highest-ranking person present; more commonly used by NCO's than by officers (U.S. Military)
  • HMMWV – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (U.S. Military) (Pronounced Humvee)
  • HMNZS – Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship (New Zealand)
  • HMS – Hans Majestäts Skepp (His Majesty's ship, Sweden)
  • HMS – Her Majesty's Ship (Royal Navies such as Royal British Navy) (His Majesty's Ship if King)
  • Hr.Ms - His/Her Dutch Majesty's Ship (Dutch Royal Navy ship)
  • HOMSEC – Homeland Security
  • HRAP - Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program
  • HQ – Headquarters
  • HHB - Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
  • HHC - Headquarters and Headquarters Company
  • HHT - Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
  • HUMINT – Human Intelligence
  • HYT – High Year Tenure


  • IAF – Indian Air Force
  • IAF – Israeli Air Force
  • ICBM – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
  • ICE – Individual Carrying Equipment
  • ID – IDentification
  • IED – Improvised Explosive Device
  • IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit
  • IFF – Identification Friend or Foe
  • IFF – Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (USAF)
  • IG – Inspector General (US Military)
  • IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • INSCOM – United States Army Intelligence and Security Command
  • Il – Ilyushin
  • Interpol – International Criminal Police Organization
  • ISO – Inter School Course
  • ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
  • IYAAYAS – If You Ain't AMMO, You Ain't Shit


  • JA – Judge Advocate [General]
  • JAG – Judge Advocate General
  • JDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munition
  • JSF – Joint Strike Fighter
  • JATO – Jet-assisted Take Off
  • JETDS – Joint Electronics Type Designation System
  • JSAM – Joint Service Achievement Medal
  • JSTARS – Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
  • JSOC – Joint Special Operations Command
  • JTF - Joint Task Force
  • JEEP - Just Enough Essential Parts


  • KATUSA – Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army
  • KIA – Killed In Action
  • KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid – USAF
  • KP – Kitchen Police or Kitchen Patrol
  • KBO – Keep Buggering On


  • LAAD – Low Altitude Air Defense
  • LCDR – Lieutenant Commander (US Navy)
  • LCPL – Lance Corporal (US Marines)
  • LES – Leave and Earnings Statement
  • LP – Listening Post
  • LP/OP – Listening Post Observation Post
  • LGOP – Little Group Of Paratroopers
  • LPO - Leading Petty Officer (US Navy)
  • LT – Lieutenant
  • LTC or Lt Col – Lieutenant Colonel
  • LTG or Lt Gen – Lieutenant General
  • LTJG – Lieutenant, Junior Grade (US Navy)
  • LUP – Lying-Up Point
  • LZ – Landing Zone


Maj.- major

  • MARCORSYSCOM – MARine CORps SYStems COMmand (U.S. Military)
  • MARFORRES – MARine FORces REServe (U.S. Marine Corps)
  • MARSOC - Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
  • MAW – Maximum Allowable Weight
  • MBT – Main Battle Tank
  • MCCS – Marine Corps Community Services (also known by the humorous backronym Marine Corps Crime Syndicate)
  • MCEN – Marine Corps Enterprise Network (U.S. Military)
  • MCEITS – Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Service (U.S. Military)
  • MCPO – Master Chief Petty Officer (USCG/USN E-9)
  • MFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • MG – Machine Gun
  • MG – Major General
  • MI – Military Intelligence
  • Mi – Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (Russian)
  • MIA – Missing In Action
  • MedEvac – Medical Evacuation
  • MICV – Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
  • MiG – Mikoyan-Gurevich (Russian)
  • MK – Mark
  • MK – Machinery Technician (U.S. Coast Guard)
  • MLRS – Multiple Launch Rocket System
  • MMFD – Miles and Miles of F...ing Desert (unofficial report in Gulf War)
  • MOA – Military Operating Area (USAF Airspace)
  • MOAB – Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, also known as "Mother Of All Bombs". (U.S. military)
  • MOAC - Mother of All Coffee (Green Bean Coffee)
  • MOB – Main Operating Base
  • MOBCOM – MOBile COMmand
  • MOPP – Mission Oriented Protective Posture
  • MPDS – Military Planning Data Allowance
  • MRAPMine Resistant Ambush Protected
  • MRE – Meal Ready to Eat (U.S. Military)
  • MRX – Mission Rehearsal Exercise
  • MSG – Master Sergeant (US Army E-8)
  • MSgt – Master Sergeant (USAF E-7)
  • MTOE – Modified Table Of Organizational Equipment
  • MTS+ – Movement Tracking System Plus
  • MSDC+ – Marine Science Diving Club (Diving Club Of Hasanudin University)


  • NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement
  • NAS – Naval Air Station
  • NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  • NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service (U.S. Navy)
  • NAVAIR – Naval Air Systems Command
  • NCI - National Cancer Institute
  • NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer
  • NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
  • NCOES - Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
  • ND – Negligent Discharge
  • NEFF – New Equipment Fielding Facility
  • NIBC National Interagency Biodefense Campus
  • NICBR - National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research
  • NMC – Not Mission Capable
  • NMCI – Naval Marine Corps Intranet (U.S. Navy)
  • NNMSA – Non-Nuclear Munitions Storage Area
  • NS – Network Services
  • NSA – National Security Agency
  • NSW - Naval Special Warfare
  • NSWDG - Naval Special Warfare Development Group
  • NUB - Non-Useful Body (U.S. Submarines)


  • OBE – Overcome By Events (DoD)
  • OCONUS – Outside Continental United States
  • OCS – Officer Candidate School
  • ODA - Operational Detachment-Alpha (the standard 12-man team composed of US Army Special Forces operators)
  • OIC - Officer in Charge
  • OM – On the Move (Normally just spelled out Oscar Mike)
  • O&M, MC – Operations & Maintenance, Marine Corps (U.S. Navy)
  • O&M, N – Operations & Maintenance, Navy (U.S. Navy)
  • OODA – Observe, Orient, Decide, And Act
  • OP – Observation Post
  • ORM – Operational Risk Management
  • OSM – Oh Shit Moment (U.S. Marine Corps)
  • OSP – On Site Procurement
  • OPORD – Operations Order
  • OPSEC – Operations Security
  • OTF – Out There Flapping (Airborne)
  • OTS – Officer Training School
  • OTV – Outer Tactical Vest


  • PACOM – Pacific Command
  • PCS – Permanent Change of Station
  • PDS – Permanent Duty Station (U.S. Military)
  • PDT – Pre-Deployment Training
  • PE – Plastic Explosive
  • PFC – Private First Class (U.S. Military)
  • PFM – Pure Fuckin Magic (U.S. Military)
  • PFT – Physical Fitness Test
  • PII - Personally Identifiable Information or Personal Identity Information
  • PL – Platoon Leader (U.S. Army)
  • PLT – Platoon (U.S. Army)
  • PMC – Partially Mission Capable
  • PME – Professional Military Education
  • PMS – Planned Maintenance Schedule (U.S. Navy)
  • PNG – Passive Night Goggles
  • PO – Post Office
  • PO1 – Petty Officer 1st Class (USCG/USN E-6)
  • PO2 – Petty Officer 2nd Class (USCG/USN E-5)
  • PO3 – Petty Officer 3rd Class (USCG/USN E-4)
  • POBCAK – Problem Occurs Between Chair And Keyboard
  • POL – Petroleum Oil & Lubricants (U.S. Air Force)
  • POC – Point Of Contact
  • POTUS – President of the United States
  • POG – Person Other than Grunt (All non-combat arms job fields i.e. any MOS or CMF other than infantry, cavalry, armor, and artillery; among infantrymen, refers to anyone other than infantry or Special Forces)
  • POW – Prisoner Of War
  • POV – Privately Owned Vehicle
  • PPG – PT Parade Games
  • PRP – Personnel ReliabilityProgram
  • PRP – Pretty Retarded Program
  • PRT – Provincial Reconstruction Team
  • PRT – Physical Readiness Training (U.S. Army)
  • PT – Physical Training
  • PTB - Powers That Be
  • PV2 – Private 2nd class (U.S. Army E-2)
  • PVT – Private (U.S. Army and Marine Corps E-1)
  • PX – Post Exchange (U.S. Army)


  • RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force (Australia)
  • RAF – Royal Air Force (UK)
  • RAN – Royal Australian Navy (Australia)
  • RATO – Rocket Assisted Take Off
  • RCSC – Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (Canada)
  • REMF – Rear Echelon Mother Fucker
  • RFL – Response Force Leader
  • RMCRoyal Military College of Canada (Canada) in Kingston, Ontario
  • RN – Royal Navy (UK)
  • ROE – Rules Of Engagement
  • ROMA Data, Right Out of My Ass Data. Unverifiable created data (different from SWAG)
  • ROWPU – Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
  • RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force (New Zealand)
  • RPG – Rocket-Propelled Grenade
  • RPM – Rounds per minute
  • RS – RatShit (Australia – related to US – Unserviceable)
  • RSS – Regional Security System (Caribbean)
  • RTB – Return To Base
  • RV – Rendez-Vous
  • RTO - Radio Telephone Operator


  • SA – Seaman Apprentice (USCG/USN E-2)
  • SAS – Special Air Service (British special forces)
  • SBS – Special Boat Service (British special forces)
  • SAAS – Standard Army Ammunition System (U.S. Army)
  • SAM – Surface-to-air Missile
  • SARSS – Standard Army Retail Supply System (U.S. Army)
  • SCOTUS – Supreme Court of the United States
  • SCPO – Senior Chief Petty Officer (USCG/USN E-8)
  • SD - "Status Destroyed" or "Salty Dog". Equipment that is written off as unrepairable and unsalvageable.
  • SEAC - Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • SEAL – Sea, Air and Land (US Navy SEALs)
  • SERE – Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • SFC – Sergeant First Class (U.S. Army E7)
  • SGM – Sergeant Major (U.S. Army E9 – Sometimes referred to as Staff Sergeant Major)
  • SGT – Sergeant (U.S. Army E5) (U.S. Marines uses Sgt)
  • SITREP – Situation Report
  • SJA – Staff Judge Advocate
  • SLAM – Standoff Land Attack Missile
  • SMA – Sergeant Major of the Army (U.S. Army E9 – Senior Enlisted Member)
  • SMEAC - Situation Mission Execution Admin/logistics Command/signal (US Marine Corps basic knowledge)
  • SMSgt – Senior Master Sergeant (USAF E-8)
  • SN – Seaman (USCG/USN E-3)
  • SNAFU – Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
  • SOCOM – United States Special Operations Command
  • SOFA – Status of Forces Agreement
  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures
  • SOS – Shit On a Shingle, or creamed chipped beef on toast.
  • SPC – Specialist (U.S. Army E-4)
  • SR – Seaman Recruit (USCG/USN E-1)
  • SrA – Senior Airman (USAF E-4)
  • SRR – Special Reconnaissance Regiment (British special Forces)
  • SSDD – Same Shit Different Day
  • SSDDBS – Same Shit Different Day Bigger Shovel
  • SSG – Staff Sergeant (US Army E-6)
  • SSgt – Staff Sergeant (US Air Force E-5) (U.S. Marines E-6)
  • SOL – Shit Out of Luck (US Army)
  • SOLJWF – Shit Out of Luck and Jolly Well Fucked (U.S. Marines)
  • STOVL – Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
  • SUSFU – Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked Up
  • SWAG – Scientific Wild Ass Guess


  • TACP – Tactical Air Control Party (USAF)
  • TAD – Temporary Additional Duty (U.S. Military)
  • TBD – To Be Determined
  • TDY – Temporary Duty (U.S. Military)
  • TF – Task Force
  • TFOA – Things Falling Off Aircraft
  • TG6 – Task Group 6 (group designation for NZ SAS – NZ Army)
  • TOC - Tactical Operations Center
  • TIC – Troops In Contact
  • TSgt – Technical Sergeant (USAF E-6)
  • TU – Tits Up (Dead, Inoperable), a.k.a. "tango uniform"
  • TARFU – Things Are Really Fucked Up, or Totally And Royally Fucked Up


  • UA – Unauthorized Absence
  • UAS – Unmanned Aerial System
  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • UCAV – Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
  • ULLS – Unit Level Logisitics System (U.S. Army)
  • UMA – Unit Mobilization Assistor
  • UN – United Nations
  • US – Unserviceable
  • USSS – United States Secret Service
  • USAF – United States Air Force
  • USAFE – United States Air Forces in Europe
  • USAMRICD - United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
  • USAMRIID - United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease
  • USAMRMC - United States Army Medical Research and Materiél Command
  • USAMRAA - United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
  • USA PATRIOT Act – Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act
  • USAREC – US Army REcruiting Command
  • USAREUR – US Army European Command
  • USMC – United States Marine Corps
  • USN – United States Navy
  • USO – United Service Organizations (U.S. Military)
  • USR – Unit Status Report
  • UUV – Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
  • UXB – Unexploded Bomb (bomb disposal; British)
  • UXO – Unexploded Ordnance


  • VBIED – Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device
  • VDM – Visual Distinguishing Mark
  • VFD – Volunteer Fire Department
  • VFR – Volunteer Fire and Rescue


  • WIA – Wounded In Action
  • WO1 – Warrant Officer 1
  • WSA – Weapons Storage Area
  • WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • WILCO – Will Comply


  • XO – Executive Officer